Ukeladies.com was the home of Ukelady Karen who wanted to share with the joy that is the Ukulele!

Sadly, Karen passed away in June 2013. We will leave this site up as a testimony to her love of all things uke-related.

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  1. I’m looking for some one on one lessons – know where I might find someone that teaches in a setting other than groups?


  2. We are on Twitter but I need to do better there. We are getting ourselves all geared up. Find us at @ukeladies. Thanks!

  3. Hi! We will have jams in Knoxville soon. Stay tuned here for details. And, thanks for the pointer to Marcy Marxer!

  4. Love me some Marcy Marxer! I got to take some classes with her a few years ago at the Steve Kaufman Guitar camp. She is neat lady and an incredible musician!

  5. Happy New Year. I’m interested in participating in one of your classes for 2011 or just getting together to jam. I play tenor uke, am an advanced beginner, just bought an interesting cigar box uke but prefer the standard for comfort. Hope to hear from you.

  6. Hi Laurie! Happy New Year to you too! We (Anna and I) are having a workshop this Sat. We will have on in Feb and March too.
    Anna also has “keep on playing” classes that are a lot of fun. I want to have a jam session too. I’ll keep you posted!!! Karen

  7. Hi there,

    Just wanted to share The Jive Aces new ukulele video for the song “Mama Don’t Allow” from our forthcoming skiffle CD, “It’s SkiffleTime”

    The link is: http://youtu.be/1tHj1Q39oFQ

    Let us know what you think and if you like it, please share it with friends via FaceBook, Twitter, email etc.

    Cheers, Alex – Jive Aces

    P.S. in case you missed our last ukulele video for “Bring Me Sunshine” you can see it at http://is.gs/sunshine. It’s at 1.6 million views!

  8. wow! thank you so much!! I would love to come and be a part of the festival…maybe next year? thanks and keep in touch! Karen

  9. Rest In Pease, Karen…I will always remember your uke lessons. Keep Strumming, Be Happy!

  10. Hi there,
    I found your site on the top 100 ukulele themed sites so I wanted to send you the Jive Aces new music video for The Charlie Chaplin classic, “Smile”.

    You can find the video at http://is.gd/MakeSomeoneSmile

    You may have seen another video of ours, Bring Me Sunshine, which was pretty popular on the ukulele scene.

    Cheers, Alex

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