My Ukes

I fell in love and purchased a blue Makala Dolphin Bridge ($30)  ukulele (made by Kala) from a Knoxville  music store (Rik’s Guitar and Sound on Kingston Pike near Walker Springs.)  The salesman, Bo Davis  was super friendly and ran across the store and got me  a “how to” book.  It’s a great store even has a thermos of coffee available (my kind of store!)  I quickly had the instrument re-strung with Aquila strings (Bo did it for me- it cost about $10.)

I  soon decided I needed a “better” one and went to Broadway Sound and purchased a Kala entry level uke ($50) it was already strung with Aquila strings.  Funny how often I choose the Makala over the the other– I just like the sound of the Makala.

I love both of  these music stores- they both have really good customer services that I appreciate.  Plus, the sales man at Broadway Sound came strolling through the store playing a pink uke– I just had to buy a uke from this guy!

What is this site?

I don’t know yet…I just know I’m crazy about my blue ukulele and I want to share that love.  I like everything about them- the sound of course,  the fun shapes and colors, the culture that surrounds retro- Hawaii.  This site will be my landing pad for fun things ukulele style! stay tuned (LOL!)