Bette Midler plays a Fluke in her show

Just back from Las Vegas where I went to see Bette Midler at Caesar’s Palace.  (“The Showgirl Must Go On”)  it was a terrific show accentuated by her strumming away on a ukulele!  From where I was sitting it looked like a bejeweled Fluke (by Flea.)  It sounded gorgeous too!   What a great addition to all the showgirls, fancy lighting and fun costumes!

Uke Strings – GCEA

It is helpful to learn the names of the strings so you can  build chords and so you can tune your uke.  Here is how I remember the names of the strings : Good Cats Eat Ants.  It’s silly enough to remember!  The string that is closest to your face while holding the uke as if you are playing, is the G string(top string)- going down toward your feet is the  C string, then the  E string, and lastly, the  A string.

60 minutes of play per day

According to the NFL, all kids should play 60 minutes.  I wonder how good I’d be at the uke if  I played 60 minutes per day!  When I first got my little blue ukulele,  I wanted to play that much, but the tips of my fingers were so sore!  Now I have calluses and am ready to go–just need to find that hour!!

A New Year! A New Uke!

Keep in mind if you have your uke re-strung (re-stringed?) it will go out of tune  like crazy because the strings are stretching.  You may want to invest in a tuner- or if you have a good ear you can use a piano.   You may want to try to find an online tuner.